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XBCXML (Extensible Markup Language) Binary Characterization
XBCXbox Connect (game)
XBCXbox Controller
XBCXbox City (gaming)
XBCX11 - Basic Compiler
XBCXtreme Bass Controllers
XBCX-Stream Business Concepts (San Francisco, CA)
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Xiban was an up-and-coming boutique software firm that was much smaller in size compared to its client and XBC.
The MEDICS included the following sub-systems: medical insurance bureau subsystem, hospital information subsystem, and XBC information subsystem.
3 XBC information subsystem: XBC was the biggest commercial bank in China with a market capitalization of around US$ 35 billion.
The integration with the information system of XBC gave rise to the flexibility to send electronic payment information directly to the insured accounts, and get the money debited from there.
In this paper, we present a case study involving the use of activity theory in requirements elicitation for the design of a collaborative email application for the XBC organisation.
Microsoft Outlook Exchange is currently being used by XBC.
The outcome of this step will consist of a description of the activities, actions, and operations that are required to solve the email problem for XBC.
The XBC can support an extensive sensor suite, and its support for vision is particularly strong: an integrated camera, the capability for multiple-region tracking, and the very accessible configuration of its image processing.
The XBC further computes position and velocity by measuring the motors' back-emf, obviating the need for encoders.
By relying on mobile computational devices such as game consoles and handheld computers, the Palm Pilot robot kit (PPRK), XPort Robot Controller, and XBC have begun this process, as have trial laptop-based systems like the Evolution ER1.