XBPX-Box Binding Protein (virology)
XBPXerox Business Partners
XBPX Base Parts
XBPXerox Business Partner (network accounting)
XBPXBase Parts
XBPX-Ray Bright Point
XBPExtreme Basic Package (audio equipment)
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17 April 2017 - US-based hosted voice, unified communications and SIP trunking services provider Broadvoice has acquired California, US-based telephony and contact centre software firm XBP Inc., the company said.
XBP is a focused, development-oriented company with unique telephony and contact center offerings, whose proprietary communications software is focused on creating a superb user experience.
Abbreviations: GDHP, Gold Dot Hollow Point; XTP, eXtreme Terminal Performance Hollow Point; XBP, X-Pistol Bullet; SD, standard deviation; BBA, Buffalo Bore Aarms Co.; GDSP, Gold Dot Soft Point; FPGC, flatpoint gas check.
White Derbi motor scooter reg YJ57 XBP, attached to house wall stolen.
A stratigraphic equivalent to them is Krutsky's (1975) Xbp. In the uppermost position of this set there are marlites, whose strength and calcification continually drop towards the upper part.
They are believed to have left in a black Skoda Octavia saloon, registration number YR02 XBP.
Users can access BlitzPredict's paid features with XBP, a native ERC20 cryptocurrency on the Ethereum platform, available at premier exchanges like Cryptopia, Bancor, Idex and HitBTC.
XBP series portable electric scissor lifts allow an operator to ergonomically transport loads and lift them to a convenient height.
Shao and associates reported that high glucose treatment significantly reduced XBP protein in renal mesangial cells, and simultaneously increased expression of the cytosolic NADPH oxidase subunit [p47.sup.phox] and ROS generation [109].
This protein is critical to the regulation of a transcription factor, X-box binding protein 1 (XBP1) (Shi et al., 2009) and this XBP 1 was shown to play a key role in adipocyte differentiation by acting as a critical regulator of the morphological and functional transformations during adipogenesis (Sha et al., 2009).
Throughout the FIFA World Cup, currently underway, users can also access odds and find reliable, transparent betting advice available for purchase with the XBP token.
An Agela Venusil XBP C18 column (2.1 mm x 150 mm, i.d., 5 [micro]m, Agela, China) was used to achieve separation with a gradient elution between mobile phase A (Formic acid : water = 0.1: 100) and B (Formic acid : Acetonitrile = 0.1: 100) at a flow rate of 0.2 mL/min.