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XBTBitcoin (cryptocurrency)
XBTCross Bar Tandem
XBTExpendable Bathythermograph
XBTCrossbar Tandem
XBTXenon Beacon Tracker
XBTX-ray Backscatter Technology
XBTCrossbraced Truss
XBT14C-D-Xylose Breath Test (diagnostics)
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The auction price then applies to all fills, allocated based on price-time priority." (111) Like CME, CFE's certification emphasizes specific qualities of the Gemini exchange and auction process that make it difficult to manipulate the XBT contract.
Boyer, T., and Coauthors, 2016: Sensitivity of global upper-ocean heat content estimates to mapping methods, XBT bias corrections, and baseline climatologies.
As of May 9, 2018, open interests in XBT and BTC were modest at 6,287 and 2,479 contracts, respectively, worth approximately $59 million and $116 million, respectively.
The CBOE's XBT's unit/multiplier is one Bitcoin, one-fifth the size of CME's contract.
Bitcoin is listed by the symbol XBT and allows an investor to obtain economic exposure to Bitcoin without a digital wallet.
Data types in the real observational network include XBT, CTD, DRB, OSD, UOR, MRB, and Argo from 2003 to 2007, and positions of observational profiles come from the World Ocean Data (WOD2009) and China Argo Real-time Data Center (http://agro.org.cn), respectively.
Being a part of XBT Holding, which has already had an infrastructure in Singapore, Servers.com is expanding its presence in the region, keeping the company's main features and objectives: reasonable prices and enterprise-grade quality.
El Primero de los Occidentales toma tu mano en el borde de la montana xbt. Osiris hace la presentacion y te da lo que hay sobre la ropa sSrw", Pir.
Parametro Descripcion Simbolo Se usa informalmente BTC, otros usan XBT. Denotacion Bitcoin: se refiere al sistema de pago.
In order to quantitatively assess the impact of these factors, they presented distributions of correlation coefficients between the subsurface temperature anomaly from an OGCM and a reconstructed anomaly derived from subsampled values by XBT lines and Argo arrays.
I picked four bullets of varying types in the appropriate weight range--bulk military Winchester 147-grain cannelured FMJBT, Nosier 150-grain E-Tip, Sierra 168-grain HPBT and Barnes 180-grain XBT. The XBTs have actually been replaced in Barnes' line by the TSX, but they are a good representative of many 180-grain hunting bullets on the market.
Various techniques were also developed for correction of the past data observed by expendable bathythermograph (XBT) to produce a more reliable estimate of the changes in ocean heat content.