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XCPExtended Copy Protection
XCPXml Control Protocol
XCPeXtended Copy Protection (First 4 Internet; UK)
XCPExplicit Control Protocol
XCPXavier College Preparatory (Phoenix, Arizona)
XCPExtensible Communications Platform (Jabber)
XCPExpendable Current Profiler
XCPExtension Cone Paralleling (radiograph production technique)
XCPExtensible Clinical Protocol (XML-based clinical research protocols, eProtocols)
XCPExcellent Coverage Partner (spades gaming)
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The final stage, XCP -- Lythrodontas, sees the Afxentia move a few kilometres north, to its titular village.
Hence, in-depth studies on the influence of XCP probes on the IEF of ocean currents are required in order to improve detection accuracy [11,12].
Con estas experiencias y con las adquiridas con el despliegue experimental de una Nube sobre el Sistema XCP fue posible elaborar una politica de migracion y empleo de la Tecnologia de las Nubes.
The researchers enrolled 142 patients and randomized them to receive either XCP or a placebo paste.
The settlement of one class action suit in New York will bring relief to anyone who bought, received, or used Sony BMG CDs with either XCP or MediaMax software.
At least 50 CDs from bestselling artists ranging from Neil Diamond and Frank Sinatra to new acts like The Dead 60s and Van Zant were found to contain the XCP software.
This XCP stealth software has only just been discovered.
This article describes the assembly and clinical use of a newer type of XCP dental X-ray film positioning device, called the XCP-ORA.
The Sony CDs contained embedded files used for copy protection: XCP technology.
The XCP content-protection software might expose personal computers to viruses, the company said.