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Caption: FIGURE 3: Chromatographic and antioxidant profiles of corn protein hydrolysates using Eclipse XDB C18 semipreparative column.
2 -- Intel(R) System Studio Developer Story : With XDB and MinnowBoard MAX , how to debug exception errors in the Android-Linux-Kernel.
It was noticed that with Zorbax Eclipse XDB C8 (4.6 x 150 mm, 5 m) column and recommended mobile phase comprising acetonitrile - methanol - potassium dihydrogen phosphate (22+34+44 v/v), the desired results obtained were not according the chromatograms provided by European Pharmacopeia (EP), but by using another column (ACE 5 C8) (4.6 x 150 mm, 5 m), an extra peak of diazepam degradant was obtained, which showed that by using appropriate mobile phase containing CH3CN- CH3OH- KH2PO4 (20+32+48 v/v), the better results can be achieved.
Chromatographic separation was achieved on a 3.5-pm particle size, 2.1 X 100 mm (i.d.) 600 bar Agilent ZORBAX Eclipse XDB C18 rapid resolution HT threaded column with an Alltech Direct-Connect Column 2 [micro]m pre-filter (Alltech, Deerfield, IL, USA) using gradient elution.
The release also adds a series of new monitoring probes and alerts for Log Files, SQL injection attacks and replication configurations (binary streaming, xDB Replication Server and Slony).
In order to evaluate the intermediate precision and robustness of the method employed, another C18type analytical column, Agilent Zorbax Eclipse XDB was alternatively used, with the same dimensions as the first.
Built on the community edition of PostgreSQL 9.0, the new release includes the following enhancements: increased performance with parallel data loader; support for Oracle Pro*C applications; support for replicating Microsoft SQL Server data to Postgres Plus with xDB Replication Server; Postgres Plus Infinite Cache; and high availability features.
Therefore the variables in dB must be recalculated in times: xdB = 10lg [P.sub.c] / [P.sub.m]; from this [P.sub.c] / [P.sub.m] = [10.sup.x/10].
The resolution obtainable in the region of phillyrin-2-O-[beta]-D-glucoside (6), phillyrin-6-O-?-D-glucoside (7) and angustafolioside B (8) utilising a number of C-18 columns was not the same as that reported by Boyer, with the best separation enabled by the XDB Phenyl column.
d[U.sub.M] = [([partial derivative][U.sub.M]/[partial derivative]B]).sub.S,V,N] xdB, fixed S, V, and N (86)