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XDRSpecial Drawing Right (International Monetary Fund - ISO)
XDRExternal Data Representation
XDRExtended Dynamic Range
XDRXML Data Reduced
XDRExpanded Data Rate
XDRExtra Durable Rubber (shoes)
XDRExtreme Drug Resistant
XDRExtended Data Representation
XDRXML Data Representation
XDRExtreme Data Rate
XDRExpanded Data Rate (Used in conjuction with the Advanced Extremely High Frequency program)
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We previously reported poor outcomes for patients with XDR TB after 1 year of treatment (5).
1 MDR is the acquired resistance to at least one agent in three or more antimicrobial categories whereas XDR is resis-tance of bacterial isolates to one or more agents in all except two or less than two categories.
Historically, the Company has operated XDR Drilling Rigs internationally in Mexico and most recently India.
2012 2013 2014 Q1/2014 MDR 118 69 116 32 Died 12 11 9 1 XDR 45 14 7 1 Died 13 3 0 0 Q2/2014 Q3/2014 Q4/2014 MDR 25 30 29 Died 4 4 0 XDR 0 5 1 Died 0 0 0
7% of the isolates were XDR, with the highest prevalence in South Korea (15%) and the lowest in the Philippines (0.
The Liebert XDR saves on both as there is no need for fans to move heat across the room to wall or floor-mounted cooling systems," said Mr.
An emerging concern is that inadequate use of second-line drugs in MDR programs could lead to the emergence of XDR cases [10].
The public health significance of XDR TB is therefore substantial, not just in terms of individual patient survival ('a likely death sentence' (14)), and the potential harm to family members and close contacts, but also in terms of the risks of dissemination into the infectious pool in South Africa and the resulting added burden on the health system.
1 risk factor for MDR and XDR is foreign birth in areas where TB is endemic and TB control practices are poor.
After establishing a definition for the disease, health experts looked back at TB cases from 1993 and determined that since then there have been 49 cases of XDR in the United States.