XDTX-Script Data Packet
XDTXML (Extensible Markup Language) Document Transform (Microsoft)
XDTDelayed Detonation
XDTExperience Design Team (various companies)
XDTeXtensible Data Types (XML-based extensible type definition protocol)
XDTXUV (Extreme Ultraviolet) Doppler Telescope (optical device)
XDTXenon Discharge Tube
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To specify transformation actions, the XML-Document-Transform namespace with the XDT prefix is used.
To realise our proposed two-stage ontology-based transformation model for the ontologies' transformations, we propose to use XDT transformation attributes "Locator" and "Transform".
Subsystem of XML transformation rules development from CFO to NIST CFTCO, intended for XDT rules generation using "Locator" and "Transform" attributes and saving them to the CFOtoCFTCO.xml file.
Consequently, the improved model is capable of explaining the XDT phenomenon when explosives are impacted repeatedly.
However, our model is capable of explicating the XDT phenomenon to some extent when the explosive is impacted repeatedly.
Though there is a little difference between the modeling predictions and experimental results, the model indeed makes preliminary explanation for the XDT phenomenon.
Servicing the global oil and gas industries, XDT was established with the intention of becoming the preferred choice for performance-enhancing, downhole drilling products.
Brannan's focus will be to expand XDT's client base in the UK, Western Europe and Africa.
We are confident Malcolm will move XDT towards its goal of becoming a superior drilling tool provider to the international oil and gas industry."
Powered by a 24-horsepower Kohler diesel engine, the XDT retains similar performance specs as its pre-Tier 4 final DT model.
The LP 533/833 XDT incorporates a six-inch debris discharge valve for quickly off-loading liquid materials by gravity or under pressure to another container.