XELDAExtensible Environment for Linking Distributed Applications
XELDAXErox Linguistic Development Architecture
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XeLDA models and standardizes unstructured documents in order to automatically exploit their content.
TEMIS further explains XeLDA offers a scalable range of services based on natural language processing components that can be integrated in business applications, enabling:
XeLDA consists of a set of natural language processing services providing a set of tools for application developers and integrators enabling a range of text processing functions in up to 17 languages.
XeLDA is a set of tools which can be incorporated into applications and provide text processing in several different languages by applying linguistic theory and science.
Xerox has included in XeLDA its natural language technologies that have been developed by its Palo Alto Research Centre.
The XeLDA multilingual linguistic engine models and standardises unstructured documents in order to exploit their content automatically and provides advanced text mining features enabling textual information processing.