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XERExtensible Entity Relationship
XERXml Encoding Rules
XERXML Encoding Rules for ASN.1
XERXenopus Estrogen Receptor (genetics)
XERXcite Energy Resources, Ltd. (UK)
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Since the FM workforce comprises more Baby Boomers than Gen Xers when compared to the overall USAF civilian workforce, one can assume that the impact on the FM community will be even greater with the likelihood of more retirements than in other civilian career fields.
For example, Xers and Millenials tend to think Traditionalists are slow with technology and consequently do not have the patience to teach Traditionalists about various technologies in use.
Early Xers are the least bookish CEOs and legislators the United States has seen in a long while.
Here's why Gen Xers are critical to remodelers, how they're different from the generations of homeowners before them, and why their emergence as a powerful remodeling segment demands that you change--or at least reevaluate--how you work with them.
And now that Xers are hitting the age when they're able to call the shots at movie and television studios, they want to mark their own territory--and it doesn't hurt to do it in ways that stick it to their elders.
In addition, Generation Xers generally aren't product-loyal, Ritchie says, adding that in general, the more educated an Xer is, the more likely that person is to buy a particular brand of product.
To date, however, there have not been any attempts that looked at value perceptions from the Xer point of view.
says his approach with Gen Xers (who tend largely to be the kids of his primary senior clientele) involves a bit 0f a sometimes jarring reality check for that age group.
In a 1997 survey conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI), 19 percent of Gen Xers polled say they have saved more than $50,000.
And, Gen Xers have more insurance needs to fulfill than the average American.