XETXerox Ethernet Tunnel
XETXyloglucan Endo-Transglycosylase
XETXbox Elite Team (Belgian video gaming group)
XETXen Exploration Team (computer game)
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Also, CIC's competitive advantages and XET Development Zone being an important CBD in Xi'an are evidenced by WeWork setting its foot in CIC."
(35.) Venners S, Korrick S, Xu X, Chen C, Guang W, Huang A, Altshul L, Perry M, Fu L, Wang Xet. Preconception serum DDT and pregnancy loss: a prospective study using a biomarker of pregnancy.
2007, XET activity is round near sites of growth and cell elongation in bryophytes and some green algae: new insights into the evolution of primary cell wall elongation.
Ha evidencias de que a enzima xiloglucano endotransglicosilase (XET) esteja envolvida na extensao da parede, porque facilita a entrada de expansinas, que, por sua vez, promovem o rompimento das ligacoes de hidrogenio entre os polissacarideos (Taiz & Zeiger, 2004).
(2003) found that the mRNA level of wall-loosening enzyme genes, xylogucan endotransglycoselase (XET) and expansin, were about 100-fold higher in 10-dpa fiber cells compared to those in 0 dpa ovules, corresponding to their proposed role in cell enlargement.
The first day I took the medicine as instructed while listening to (xem xet) my body's reaction.
En la sustraccion fue aislada para la variedad SG 107-35 una secuencia que codifica la proteina Xiloglucan endotransglicosilasa (XET) (SUS08).
Los residuos galactosilados de XiGs desempenan un papel en el control de enlace de este polimero a la celulosa y en la actividad de la XET. Los estudios computacionales de modelaje de las estructuras de XiG en tercera dimension sugieren que los grupos laterales enderezan el esqueleto de glucano para facilitar la formacion de enlaces estericos con las microfibrillas de celulosa (Levy et al., 1991, 1997).
36), ou la protection des malades mentaux (voir Affaire Xet Yc.
The most common metaphor for a woman is ka xet, the young, undamaged banana leaf used to wrap the itra, the classic indigenous dish of root vegetables, flesh, and coconut juice which is wrapped and tied in banana leaves and cooked in an earth oven.