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XFIXtreme Fidelity (Creative)
XFIX File Image
XFIExtreme Fidelity
XFIXinhua FTSE (Financial Times and London Stock Exchange) Index (joint venture; UK and China)
XFICross Functional, Cross Industry (LViHD)
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"Xfinity xFi was designed to provide simple tools to help our customers see and control all the things connected to their home WiFi network," said David Puckett, Vice President of xFi and Digital Security Product Management.
For example, through the xFi dashboard customers can quickly see their current network name and password, view a list of all devices connected to the network, create user profiles, and even pause the connection to unrecognized devices.
That, in turn, demands high-flow materials like AlliedSignal's, Caprun XFI nylon 6, which it is targeting for tool housings.
For six years, the plucky little Geo Metro XFi hatchback was the most fuel-efficient car on the market, with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mileage rating of 53 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 58 on the highway.
Comcast's residential broadband service is powered and controlled by Xfinity xFi, a digital dashboard that personalizes, monitors and manages WiFi connected devices in the home.
With Xfinity xFi, parents can now assign a specific time allowance for WiFi usage; survey finds children spend more time on devices during the summer and parents want better tools to monitor access at home
Apps range from: Xfinity Stream, which allows customers to watch live TV anywhere at home over Wi-Fi, watch up to 200 live channels outside their homes, stream up to 40,000 On Demand choices on-the-go and download movies and TV shows; and Xfinity Wi-Fi, which allows customers to search for locations of the network's more than 18 million hot spots across the country and more than 1.7 million in the region; to xFi, which allows high-speed internet customers to personalize and control their home networks.
Veillard, editors, XML Fragment Interchange (XFI), W3C Candidate Recommendation, Feb.
Jitter up to 80 MHz can be added with the MP1800A, allowing jitter tolerance measurements to be in compliance with nearly all industry standards including ITU-T, ANSI, IEEE, XFI and EI.
In addition, the XFP MSA, officially ratified earlier this year, brings 10 Gbps serial XFI signaling directly to the line card.