XFVExoskeleton Flying Vehicle
XFVBrantford, Ontario, Canada - Brantford / via Rail Service (Airport Code)
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The company has designed and built a prototype of a one-person flying machine, called Solo Trek XFV, on which a pilot stands.
Like something straight out of a Japanese action cartoon, the SoloTrek XFV open-air aircraft takes off and lands vertically and transports an individual in a standing position.
SoloTrek XFV is a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft that a person steps on, straps on, and flies in an upright position.
SoloTrek XFV by Trek Aerospace, currently undergoing flight testing, is a brand new kind of flying machine that you step on, strap on, and fly.
To learn more about its flagship product SoloTrek XFV, related products, business development opportunities and shareholder information, please visit the website at www.