XGLOTen Gigabit Laser Optimized
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Global network infrastructure specialist Siemon, has expanded its line of fibre trunking solutions with XGLO RazorCore assemblies.
XGLO RazorCore assemblies are available in OM3 and OM4
enclosures, the new XGLO RazorCore assemblies feature an optional encapsulated
Delegates at the seminar saw how MapIT G2 may be integrated into high performance category 6A Z-MAX and 10Gb/s XGLO Optical Fibre system.
The company's 10-Gbps XGLO fiber products feature singlemode and multimode LC- and SC-style, laser-optimized components, and are designed for applications ranging from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps backbones, to fiber to the desk.