XGMTen Gigabit Ethernet Mac
XGMCross Gain Modulation
XGMExtended Greek Modification (game mod for Rome: Total War)
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Therefore, the XGM was implemented on the power range of -6 to 3 dBm for two wavelengths with 4 nm spacing.
The configuration can perform wavelength converter and capacity duplication concurrently at 10 GB/s by using a single SOA based on XGM that has advantages in terms of conversion efficiency.
Dimyati, "Performance of all-optical multicasting via dual-stage XGM in SOA for grid networking," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, vol.
In case of HNLF-DSF (Figure 2(b)), the data is depleted through XGM affected with the power transferred to the newly generated FWM component.
The three nonlinearity effects that is cross gain modulation (XGM), cross phase modulation (XPM), and four wave mixing (FWM) make it possible to use it as nonlinear medium for gates.
In XGM data pulses at one wavelength, modulates the carrier density and at the same time results as a gain variation indentation in inverted copy of the clock pulse injected into the SOA as shown in Figure 9(a).
After passing through SOA, there is a cross gain modulation (XGM) and the output that is minterms ([m.sup.2]) or AND operation is selected accordingly at the output of tunable band pass filter (TBPF).
When both pulses pass through SOA, the XGM will take place due to gain saturation in SOA.
The data pulses will include a XGM, which leads to invert the clock signal in SOA.