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XGPXanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis
XGPXtreme Graphics Port (Biostar)
XGPXbox, Gamecube, PlayStation (gaming platforms)
XGPExperimental Geosynchronous Platform
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XGP is a renal chronic granulomatous inflammatory process commonly associated with E.
XGP appears in three forms: diffuse (typical and common form, 83-90%), segmental, and focal forms (rare 10-17%) [2].
First described by Schlagenhaufer in 1916, XGP is a rare but serious type of chronic kidney inflammation that can be life-threatening if not treated appropriately [14].
XGP typically appears as a low-echoic lesion on US, while CT shows a weakly enhanced tumor surrounded by a highly enhanced surface [1, 3, 4].
XGP is an uncommon chronic granulomatous renal infection resulting in loss of renal function.
Focal and segmental XGP can be associated with normal kidney function.
With both WiMAX and LTE having domestic and global dimensions, BCN's Michikoshi said the business viability of Willcom Core XGP will be murky if it only caters to the domestic market.
First described by Schlagenhaufer [1], XGP is an uncommon form of pyelonephritis frequently occurring in the setting of repeated infections, chronic obstruction, and inflammation.
Pediatric XGP has a greater propensity for focal disease and a lower predilection for females.