XGSXerox Global Services
XGSExports of Goods and Services
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The complete XGS phenotype and its genotype-phenotype correlations are not fully understood.
- OMCI stack provides all XGS PON functionalities and full range FCAPS management features including supervision, monitoring and maintenance
Aterian said adding XGS to the Aterian portfolio is an opportunity to support XGS as it enters its next phase of growth.
XGS is the largest non-captive provider of rolled floor coverings including, carpet, area rugs, turf as well as hard surface floor coverings.
Thymol was loaded into prepared XGs and ScGs using batch scC[O.sub.2] impregnation in the high pressure view cell (Eurotechnica GmbH, Germany) described in detail elsewhere [34].
Current Account as Percentage of XGS: Estimated balance on the current account of the balance of payments, converted to US$ at average rate, expressed as a percentage of total exports of goods and services (XGS), converted into US$ at exchange rate for period covered.
Y includes FD, FDS, CA, and ERS, where: FD--foreign debt as a percentage of GDP; FDS--foreign debt service as a percentage of XGS; CA--current account as a percentage of XGS; ERS --exchange rate stability.
DS = Debt Servicing, XGS = Exports, GNP = Gross National Product, INT = International Reserves, EDT = Total Debt, GE = Government Expenditure.
Headquartered in Purchase, N.Y., XGS was founded Feb.
An affiliate of Aterian Investment Partners, a New York, US-based investment firm, has announced the acquisition of Tennessee, US-based floor covering provider Xpress Global Systems, LLC (XGS), the company said.
IBM Security Network Protection XGS 5000 is a next-generation intrusion protection system specifically designed to address the constantly evolving, increasingly sophisticated threats that organisations face today, IBM said.
exhaustive external threat intelligence and the new XGS appliance that delivers