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XICX-Inactivation Center (epigenetics)
XICTransmission Interface Converter
XICXcalia Intermediation Core (software)
XICExternal Interaction Contract
XICXpress Image Communications (UK)
XICExamine if Closed Instruction
XICX-Band Interface Converter
XICExtracting Ion Current (mass spectrometry)
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By using GCHRTofMS, many isobaric interferences were eliminated and the signal to noise ratios (S/N) were significantly increased in the XIC from exact m/z in comparison to those from unitary m/z for all geochemical biomarker classes identified in both approaches.
To quantitatively compare ionization efficiencies of both hepcidin related to their charge states and relative ionization (RI) of the peptide at each charge state is calculated by the following equation: RI (n) = XIC area of Hepcidin -[M.sup.n+]/XIC area of Hepcidin -[I.sup.n+] (n = 2 ~ 6), where n is a charge state, and XIC area is obtained from ESI mass spectrometry analysis (Q Exactive).
Interestingly, in these samples, a double peak was observed in the extracted ion chromatogram (XIC) of the [sup.187]ALSN ...
Abbreviations 6-OHDA: 6-Hydroxydopamine AUC: Area under the curve CDK5: Cyclin-dependent protein kinase 5 D1R: Dopamine D1 receptor D2R: Dopamine D2 receptor DA: Dopamine HEK293: Human embryonic kidney 293FT cells MSN: Medium spiny neuron NF-M: Neurofilament medium PD: Parkinson disease PKA: Protein kinase A PKAc: PKA catalytic subunit PP1: Protein phosphatase 1 PSD: Postsynaptic density XIC: Extracted ion chromatogram.
Figure 7 shows a representative result of the individual SID-MRM analysis for the ITIH2_peptide ([VQSTITSR_2.sup.++]), depicting a differential concentration range in 60 individual plasma samples, the average elution time for 15 peptides, an XIC for heavy and light peptides of a peptide ([VQSTITSR_2.sup.++]), and a MS/MS spectrum for a fragmented peptide ([VQSTITSR_2.sup.++]).
Abbreviations HPLC/MS/MS: High performance liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry IDA: Information dependent acquisition XIC: Extracted ion chromatogram MRM: Multiple reaction monitoring EPI: Enhanced product ion NL: Neutral loss PreI: Precursor ion CE: Collision energy DP: Declustering potential DFT: Dynamic fill time HMBC: Heteronuclear multiple bond coherence HSQC: Heteronuclear single quantum coherence.
De hecho, se ha demostrado que los XIC de los dos cromosomas X se aparean transitoriamente antes y durante la iniciacion de la inactivacion (2, 57).
In this method, data-dependent MS2 spectra provide identification of peptides while the peak height or area of the extracted ion chromatogram (XIC) of the MS1 for the peptide parent ion provides quantitative information.
(27) X kromozomu uzerindeki "X inaktivasyon merkezi" (XIC) hucredeki X kromozomlarini sayar ve inaktivasyon islemini baslatir.
The cardiotoxic effects of most cytoto- xic medicines are well known [11] and interes-tingly, cardiovascular effects of I.
nship between the he Press also seemed xic than it has been hx The relationship between the players and the Press also seemed to be less toxic than it has been in the past.