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The move comes two years ago after Xie took control of the Hong Kong-listed firm and hired veteran investment banker, Michael Cho, as chief executive officer.
As Xie has been exempted from punishment, we urge China to allow Xie to resume his professional activities without preconditions and be free of any restrictions.
In Cambodia, the China-led restoration of Ta Keo Temple at Angkor Wat will be finished next year, Xie said in a news conference here.
And so in 2011 Xie gave up his construction business so he could become an organic dragon fruit farmer.
In a statement to journalists on Friday, Xie said that the Syrian people are the only ones who will decide Syria's future, affirming China's readiness to participate in the reconstruction stage and that it will encourage Chinese companies to establish projects in Syria.
Chinese Xinhua News Agency quoted Xie as saying, following his meeting with the UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura in Geneva that "China is open to any other efforts and initiatives that would help settling the problems, and it will be ready to cooperate closely with the relevant parties which have a big influence on the peace process in Syria.
com/jcliff42) Jordan Clifford and I care a lot of about is financial privacy," Xie told International Business Times.
Xie emphasized at the meetings that China always maintains solving the Syrian crisis through political and diplomatic means, supports the UN as the main channel of mediation, welcomes the parallel processes of Geneva and Astana, and plays a constructive role for solving the Syrian issue.
Yes, thanks###Chi le, or Xie xie###Chher la, shay shay
Xie Zhenhua, China's special representative on climate change, made the remarks at a press conference where he released a report on China's efforts to cope with climate change.
The statement was made by Xie Zhenhua, China's special representative on climate change, during a press conference in Beijing held by the State Council.
In the present study I analyze three autobiographical texts by soldier writer Bingying Xie (1906-2000), exile writer Lang Bai (1912-1991), and social activist Lanqi Hu (1901-1984).