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(iii) Lastly, sample xik from the proposal distribution p([z.sub.k]|[x.sup.i.sub.k]).
f(Xik) + f(Xj) = max{f(Xij) + f(Xk), f(Xi) + f(Xjk)} (1.1)
When Xj is replaced by Xik, the flip is called raising; otherwise the flip is called lowering.
By a W-configuration in T we mean a quintuple of vertices Xi, Xk, Xij, Xik, Xjk with i < j < k (as resembling "W"), denoted as CW (X; i, j, k).
To prove this, one may assume that Y = Xik, in which case we have a feasible W-configuration CW(X; i, j, k) (since any M-configuration in T turns into a W-configurations in the reversed g-tiling [T.sup.rev]).
(Note that vertices X', X'i' need not be connected by edge if some of them is terminal.) So, by (P1), [G.sub.T] contains the edges (Xi, Xij), (Xi, Xik), (Xk, Xik) and (Xk, Xjk).
(P2) There exist two white tiles [tau], [tau]' in T such that t contains the edges (Xi, Xij) and (Xi, Xik), and [tau]' contains the edges (Xk, Xik) and (Xk, Xjk).
where [E.sub.k] : the relative efficiency of a DMU 'k'; [mu]r : the weight given to output r; vi : the weight given to input i ; Yrk : the amount of output r from DMU k ; Xik : the amount of input i from DMU k ; Yrj : the amount of output r from DMU j ; Xij : the amount of input i from DMU j ; [epsilon] : a small 'non-Archimedean' constant; n : the number of DMU; s : the number of outputs; and m : the number of inputs.
Garcia Perez, Jose Luis 1988: Viajeros ingleses en las Islas Canarias durante el siglo XIK. Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Caja General de Ahorros de Canarias.
Where A's are known as standardised regression co-efficients or loading factors for the jth factor and the ith item, Xik is the observed value of the ith item for case k.