XILXml Import Language
XILXml Interface Language
XILX11 Imaging Language
XILXml Intermediate Language
XILXml Integrator Language
XILX-Ray Interference Lithography
XILXML (Extensible Markup Language) Import Language (computer programming)
XILeXtensible Indexing Language
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In addition to delivering vehicles, GAC Motor also organized ambassadors from the Program to travel deep into the remote Hoh Xil region, a World Heritage site located in the northwest of Qinghai Province and home to the endangered Tibetan antelope, where they conducted a general survey of the ecological and geological environment.
Test procedures that are implemented as scripts or designed in test automation application software, like dSPACE AutomationDesk[R], can utilize the ASAM XIL API to access either of these platforms and also any other that supports it.
10), che si amplla nel VIII e nel XIl e matura nel XIII, soprattutto, e nel XXIII.
The Hoh Xil on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is an ideal habitat for the highly-endangered species.
Where X is the vector of design variables, F (X) function Gi (X) constraint i is the design, xiU and xiL respectively upper and lower bounds of the variable i is
En la segunda hora de medicion con la EDUC, se obtuvieron valores promedio de 5 [+ o -] 1,1 puntos para el grupo tratado con dexmedetomidina, 4,5 [+ o -] 1,05 puntos en el grupo morfina y 4,0 [+ o -] 1,9 en las pacientes tratadas con nalbufina (TABLA III), todos catalogados como dolor leve, evidenciandose un ligero descenso en los nivel es de dolor en todos los grupos de tratamiento, en relacion con la primera hora de medicion, eficacia analgesica que tambien ha sido observada en un experimento similar tras la administracion preventiva de Tramadol o morfina asociados a xil acina [25].
Canto XIL takes us back to the tranquility offered earlier in canto XLVII.