XINTInterpreted Only Mode
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Horton Ping Pong continued their surge for the title with four straight wins, while the Musketeers had to endure some very close matches, including a 4-2 success over Butterfly-eck and a hard-fought draw against Xint Draycott, before scraping home 4-2 against Foresters.
Examples of linguistic cross-mapping strategies articulated in interviews (Code: XInt) Sounding out doesn't always work so I use other strategies; First I use my phonological knowledge and my visual knowledge; it depends on the word-sometimes I can just sound it out but sometimes I also need to think of how it works and its meaning.
XInt = Intermediate (1for intermediate education, 0 otherwise)
XCAS, XRCAS, INT, XINT. You can go and go and go and go.
(5.) Earnings before Interest (EBI) = Earnings before Extraordinary Items (COMPUSTAT mnemonic IB) + Interest Expenses (COMPUSTAT mnemonic XINT) + Deferred Taxes (COMPUSTAT mnemonic TXDI)
[INT.sub.i] = Firm i's interest expense (Compustat Item XINT);
In Operation Allied Force, B-52s were used in the CAS role as airborne alert interdiction (XINT) sorties.
Cash flow: Operating income before depreciation (OIBDP) minus interest (XINT) minus taxes (TXT) minus common dividends (DVC), and scaled by total assets.
(6) Compustat abbreviations and (codes) for determinants variables follow: total assets (AT, A6), price-fiscal year close (PRCCF, A199), common shares outstanding (CSHO, A25), total liabilities (LT, A181), research and development expenditures (XRD, A46), sales (SALE, A12), operating income before depreciation (OIBDP, A13), interest expense (XINT, A15), income taxes-total (TXT, A16), cash dividends-common (DVC, A21), debt in current liabilities (DLC, A34), and long-term debt (DLTT, A9).
E is earnings before extraordinary items (IB:18) plus interest expense (XINT:15), deferred tax credits (TXDI:50), and investment tax credits (ITCI:51).
(12) The Compustat mnemonic and codes for variables used in the analysis are as follows: Sales growth (SALECHG1, none), Sales (SALE, A12), Operating Income Before Depreciation (OIBDP, A13), Income Taxes-Total (TXT, A16), Total Assets (AT, A6), Cash and Short-Term Investments (CHE, A1), Receivables (RECT, A2), Inventory (INVT, A3), Accounts Payable (AP, A70), Market Value of Equity (MKTVALE none), Total Liabilities (LT, A181), Interest Expense (XINT, A15), Cost of Goods Sold (COGS, A41), Preferred Stock (PSTK, A130), Deferred Taxes-Income Account (TXDI, A50), and Debt-Convertible Total (DCVT, A79).