XIPSXenon Ion Propulsion System (spacecraft)
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According to Boeing, "The heart of XIPS is the ion thruster.
The ions are then ejected by the XIPS engine and travel in a stream at a speed of around 63K miles per hour.
PanAmSat operates five other HS 601 HP spacecraft that contain XIPS and one HS 702 spacecraft that uses the XIPS propulsion system.
The 8,800-watt satellite features leading technologies from Hughes Electronics subsidiaries, including Hughes Electron Dynamics' xenon ion propulsion system, XIPS, which is 10 times more efficient than its chemical counterpart, and Spectrolab's dual-junction solar cells with conversion efficiencies of more than 21 percent.
Advances in energy storage, innovative thermal management systems, a highly efficient propulsion system, XIPS, and continued miniaturization of electronics combine to provide the technological improvements necessary to provide this increased capability.
Astra 1H is the seventh Hughes satellite to carry XIPS.
SATMEX 5 also carries a xenon ion propulsion system, XIPS, which will be used for north and south stationkeeping.
Hughes has also developed a commercial xenon ion propulsion system, XIPS, that is used on its HS 702 and HS 601HP communications satellites.