XIPSXenon Ion Propulsion System (spacecraft)
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plasma membrane intrinsic proteins; qPCR, real-time polymerase chain reaction; TIPs, tonoplast intrinsic proteins; XIPs, X-intrinsic proteins.
According to Boeing, "The heart of XIPS is the ion thruster.
The ions are then ejected by the XIPS engine and travel in a stream at a speed of around 63K miles per hour.
Some of these studies further indicated that HIPs and XIPs may also repesent orthologs of animal Aqp8 channels, while SIPs are unorthodox aquaporins related to the Aqp 12-like genes of Metazoa (Gomes et al., 2009; Abascal et al., 2014).
Solanaceae XIPs are plasma membrane aquaporins that facilitate the transport of many uncharged substrates.
The first major diversification of aquaporins in Eukaryota is observed in land plants, with up to seven major classes established in the oldest bryophyte lineages (PIP, HIP, XIP, TIP, NIP, GIP, and SIP).