XJRXghajra (postal locality, Malta)
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With such good ride and handling, you may think you have to cut corners on equipment but that is probably the strongest showroom appeal of the XJR: it comes very highly equipped at the price.
My choice would be an early super-charged V8-powered XJR. Almost as fast as the XKR, they can give much sportier motors a real surprise.
The best selling are Suzuki's GSX 1400 and Yamaha's XJR 1300.
The prize, sponsored by Real Lane and Complex Development Projects, included the use of a new Jaguar XJR for the weekend.
Trim levels run from the V6 through Sport and SE to XJR and Super V8.
A three-litre V6 engine - the first time a V6 has been used in an XJ - will be used on the new car as well as three Bridgend-built V8s - a 3.5-litre and two 4.2-litre engines, one normally aspirated and the other supercharged, which will be fitted in the high performance XJR.
She even bought Steve a pounds 51,000 Jaguar XJR as an incentive to retire after his success in the Sydney Olympics.
This uprated 420bhp V8 supercharged sports car shared its debut at this summer's British Motor Show with a new XJ Long Wheelbase Diesel and another flagship model, the XJR Portfolio.
Dealers are being given an additional bonus of pounds 5,000 for every XJ 4.2 and XJR model they sell between now and the end of September.
Other worst value cars were the Mercedes S600, the BMW 760i, the Audi A8 600 Quattro and Jaguar's 4.2 V8 XJR.
A 4.2 litre, supercharged V8 engine developing 400bhp will power the range topping XJR which promises to deliver blistering performance.