XJTExpress Jet
XJTExpansion Joint
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Thus, we performed this study to evaluate the effects of XJT on bladder weight and urodynamics in the BOO model rats.
These BOO model rats were randomly divided into 4 groups with 20 rats in each group: in XJT group (n = 20), rats were given XJT (1 mL/100g body weight, each day) by gavage; in CC group, rats were intraperitoneal injected with nonradioactive CC (12 mg/100 g body weight, each day); in XJT + CC group: rats were not only given XJT (1 mL/100 g body weight, each day) by gavage but also injected with CC (12 mg/100 g body weight, each day); and in BOO group, rats were given equal volume physiological saline by gavage.
However, the rats in XJT group indicated significantly higher body weight and lower bladder weight and ratio of bladder weight/body weight compared with that in BOO group (P < 0.01).
Effect of XJT on Expression of HIF-[alpha] mRNA and Protein in Detrusor.
In this study, XJT, as a traditional Chinese medicine formula for treatment of BOO without strong side effects as Western drugs, was investigated in rats.
In this study, although the effect of XJT on inhibiting the decrease of T-AOC was not statistically significant, the trend is visible.
XJT significantly inhibited the expressions of Kv2.1 and Kv1.5 but increased the expression of BK, SK2/3, and KATP in detrusor.
Similarly, these increases were significantly inhibited by XJT and CC significantly affected this inhibition effect.
In conclusion, XJT was found to be effective in the treatment of BOO by inhibiting oxidative stress and increasing the expression of KATP channels in detrusor.
In equation 15 Sjt and xjt have the usual meanings as stated in the interpretation of equation 14, whereas wjt is the cost of jth input in the current time period.
ExpressJet Airlines recorded a load factor for its Continental Express operations of 78.7% in October 2009, its parent company ExpressJet Holdings Inc (NYSE: XJT) reported on Wednesday.