XKSXtreme Knowledge Sharing software (Altus Learning Systems)
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On his Twitter account, Dotcom also says he knows how the XKS system works because the New Zealand government had used it to spy on him.
Xin-Ke-Shu (XKS) is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of coronary heart and cerebrovascular disease with few side effects (Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, 2010).
NOVACRON(r) XKS, a 9-color reactive dye ink range featuring a new high light fastness element.
First of Jag's brilliant XKs are now down to less than pounds 20k Ferraris don't come any cheaper than pounds 7,100 for this 308GT4
Manufactured from the company's signature XKS Yarn, the CutMasters XKS[TM] Work Gloves have earned an ANSI Cut Level 4 rating.
This elegantly evocative car combined real-world modern motoring with a styling that draws on roots right back to the fabulous XKs of the 50s.
An incredible collection of classics like C, D and E-Types, plus Lister Jaguars and 600 XKs worth in excess of pounds 150m, will be on show.
Sick Stegmann introduced its XKS motor feedback wire draw encoders that provide position or distance information with repeatability to [+ or -]0.15 mm for linear measurement paths up to 5m at speeds to 3.5 m/sec.
THE FIRST used Jaguar XKs are hitting the market - and they're commanding premium prices at auction.
When the last of the previous generation XKs exited Castle Bromwich in May, 2005, crews went to work gutting the 131,300-[ft.sup.2] body shop to install more than 30 ABB robots, 120 fixtures and two dedicated skillet lines to prepare the XK for its launch in November.
SOFTWARE and technical services company XKS Limited is celebrating its sixth birthday with a makeover.
For 2005, all XKs get a revised nose and tail, new side sills, wheels and trim and new, larger exhaust pipe "finishers" for XK8s.