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XLAXbox Live Arcade (gaming)
XLAXlib Archive
XLAExcel Add-in
XLAX-Linked Agammaglobulinemia
XLAExcel Airways (British airline)
XLAMicrosoft Excel Addin
XLAX-Band Limiter Attenuator
XLAX-Stem Logic Alphabet
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As an x-linked recessive disorder, the incidence rate of XLA is around 0.
Airlines were judged depending upon a combination of factors such as on time performance, expedited products, technology offerings, XLA member feedback, etc.
The Slabber XLA for Nonwovens consists of: Conveyor for loading and moving rolls onto the slabbing arm; laser mounted onto slabbing arm to assist with roll positioning; precision and programmed vertical lifting of roll for each cutting pass; fully guarded and interlocked cutting area; programmable cutting device mounted at top of enclosed cutting area; exit conveyor, or elevator for moving waste material to downstream processes; and an externally mounted operator control panel.
Workmates Eddie Weaver (left) and Dean Ashby with his two boys, Reece, aged two and Liam, aged four, who has immune deficiency XLA.
Developed by Dow's Antonio Batistini, DOW XLA can withstand extreme heat (more than 220[degrees]C) and chemicals, while simultaneously delivering comfort stretch performance.
Linkage studies of over 500 individuals from 60 families mapped the gene for XLA to the midportion (Xq22) of the X chromosome, cosegregating with the polymorphic genetic marker DXS 178 (87.
The Slabber XLA was designed for a large consumer products company, and adds full automation and process integration to the Safe-Slab concept.
Heat resistance to greater than 220[degrees]C and chemical resistance to stringent chemicals, such as permanganate and hypochlorite, are cited as two important strengths of Dow XLA fiber.
XLA is cause by a deficit in the BTK gene, which means that the body cannot produce any b-cells which make anti-bodies which fight disease.