XLCExtended Load Capacity
XLCExtreme Liquid Convection
XLCExpansion Link Card
XLCExcel Chart
XLCXbox Live Clan (gaming)
XLCXtreme Launch Coaster (roller coaster in Virginia)
XLCXtremely Lame Cheaters (gaming clan)
XLCXtremely Lame Campers (gaming clan)
XLCXavier Leadership Center (Cincinnati, OH)
XLCExpansion Link Card (Eastern Research)
XLCXenon Lamp Collimator
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Lineage XLC is a unique technological blend of carbide substrate, special tool geometry and innovation in coatings.
I recovered the bullet and changed to a 100-grain Barnes XLC traveling at 3,200 fps, which is even more accurate than the 117-grain BTSP.
5.3 operating system and the IBM xlC C++ serial compiler.
The mum of two, who was 48 on Christmas Day, left in the family car, a beige VW Golf, registration number GF52 XLC, between 3pm and 4pm on Sunday.
por tal manera cuando que para alguna cosa que cumple a nuestro servicio y a la ejecucion de nuestra justicia o para prosecucion de algunos malfechores conviene que salga alguna gente de alguna ciudad o villa o lugar: aquella va por la mayor parte desarmada con mucho peligro: mengua y deshonra suya ..." (Las pramaticas, Folio XLC, ley ciiii).
The Permasert XLP, used to join PE to PE gas mains, in now offered in 2-inch to 8-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLS, used to join PE to steel mains is offered in 2- to 6-inch IPS sizes; the Permasert XLPVC, used to join PE to PVC mains, is available in 2- and 4-inch IPS sizes; and the Permasert XLC, used to join PE to cast iron mains, is available in 2-inch IPS, 4-inch IPS and 6-inch IPS sizes.
Donny Ramirez, 28, a member of the Latino rap group Extreme Locos for Christ (XLC), said he believes that Archbishop Romero could also be a role model among today's youth.
The Permasert XLP couplings used to join PE-to-PE are now offered in 2-9-inch sizes, the Permasert XLS used to join PE-to-Steel are offered in 2-6-inch sizes, the Permasert XLPVC used to join PE-to-PVC are available in 2-inch IPS and 4-inch IPS sizes and the Permasert XLC used to join PE-to-Cast Iron are available in 2-inch IPS, 4-inch IPS and 6-inch IPS sizes.
PatMax XLC (eXtremely Low Contrast) improves the capability of PatMax to find barely visible objects or patterns in grainy or faint images like those produced by scanning electron microscopes.
The company has also launched the MaX series of powders, including XMR for mar and scratch resistance, XZE high-performance zinc powder and XLC for extreme low cure requirements.