XLGExtra Large
XLGExtra Large Grin (chat slang)
XLGExport Lead Growth
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Decades ago the XLG movement changed tactics from public discourse to a stealth strategy of defunding government, primarily through tax reduction and reallocation and aggressive attacks on government's performance.
Fromase XLG is the outcome of ongoing research carried out by DSM to further enhance its microbial coagulant range.
Derived from a fermentation process of the fungus Rhizomucor miehei, the extra thermolabile Fromase XLG is a welcome addition to DSM's Fromase range of low and medium thermo stability coagulants (grades L, TL and XL), to suit all cheese making and casein production applications.
Line of continuous and batch gravimetric blenders includes XLG series machine-mounted continous gravimetric blenders designed to accurately blend up to eight ingredients at rates to 5000 lb/hr.