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XLIFFXML Localization Interchange File Format
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XLIFF presents the results of those operations without showing the complex structural formatting underlying the text that is displayed.
We are glad to publish enhanced version of Multilizer with the support of updated XLIFF 2.0.”
Finally, as markets become global, companies localizing their content will be doing it with XML standards like Translation Memory eXchange (TMX) and XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF).
All content produced via the eXact learning LCMS authoring environment is automatically produced to an XLIFF format - which is the best known XML based international standard where translating files is concerned.
It can convert between various different formats (PO formats, XLIFF, OpenOffice.org, and Mozilla formats).
* Rapid translation into multiple languages - translation of XLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format) output into multiple languages, quickly and easily.
An added benefit of Doctrina is its ability to seamlessly interface with translation and localization capabilities through XLIFF data.
Adobe[R] Captivate[TM] also offers localization support with XML export and import functionality; export captions to a text or XLIFF file to then import the translations into the original project file.
The product sets a precedent in its strong support of standards such as TMX and XLIFF and its integratability into any Translation Management System, as well as allowing the exchange of TMs without loss of vital information.