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XLLXml Link Language
XLLExcel Dynamic Link Library
XLLExtensible Linking Language
XLLXenopus Laevis Lung (lung physiology)
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Only a psychiatrist could adequately explain why John Lennon when a young man found it necessary to steal a hefty tome on Pope Pius Xll from a Roman Catholic bookshop in Liverpool.
garusta "hand-mill"; similar are the verbs for "washing": msy for clothes, xll for hands, fruit, etc., sxy "bathe (also swim)," but in Z only "swim, bathe in river," vs.
Lau called Pius Xll "a pope who didn't say a word when rivers of blood streamed all over Europe".
SCS also specified the midi steering wheel option, as fitted on its XLL sit-on pallet transporters.
XLL (eXtensible Linking Language) governs the linking capabilities defined in the [Xpointer.sup.2] and [Xlink.sup.3] specifications.
Some of the dozens of vocabularies under discussion are: ICE (Information and Content Exchange), OBI (Open Buying on the Internet), OMF (Weather Observation Definition Format), OTP (Open Trading Protocol), PGML (Precision Graphics Markup Language), SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language), XLL (extensible Linking Language), XML/EDI (XML Electronic Data Interchange), and XSL (extensible Stylesheet Language).