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XLMExcel Macrosheet
XLMExcel Macro (Microsoft)
XLMXetra Liquiditätsmaß (German: Xetra Liquidity Measure)
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This sudden rise in XLM market cap could be attributed to the recent announcements circling its listings on Blockchain (a cryptocurrency wallet provider) and Coinbase (cryptocurrency exchange platform).
Within ECEX, you can buy XIR against ZIG, ETH, and XLM. ECEX is a strong believer in crypto coins because of its constant airdrops and strong engagement with customers.
With Arena and xLM Solutions, companies can create and publish parts, files and bills of materials (BOMs) to Arena PLM from within the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional user interface (UI), which eliminates the need to switch applications and enables engineers to continue working within SOLIDWORKS, simplifying the design process and improving productivity.
XLM modules enable graceful shutdown of systems, the ability to ride through power transients such as sags, spikes, and dropouts in order to smoothly transition to permanent backup solutions such as fuel cells or diesel generators.
This technique can identify wet gas at XLM [greater than or equal to] 0.01.
They are 10 to 17 percent more efficient than last year's XLM series.
campestris XLM 1521 in a medium containing 50% (m/m) of cheese whey.
Tightly Cross-layer Replaces the entire Coupled Module (XLM) layered architecture by a (Multi-layer single protocol where the Cross-Layer objective is reliable schemes) communication with minimal energy consumption, adaptive communication, and local congestion avoidance.
14, 2011, recall for the 205,689 Plum XL, XLM, and XLD infusion pumps distributed nationwide and internationally.
Sartopore[R] 2 0.1 pm XLM filters in cartridges and T-style autoclavable/gamma-irradiatable MaxiCap format provide cost-effective, mycoplasma-retentive media filtration solutions for large-scale, single-use applications.
Excelitas Technologies' LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Module in its XLM Series is specifically designed for integration into OEM medical devices.