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XLPECross Linked Polyethylene
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The authors sought to compare the rates of revision between procedures performed with XLPE (199,131 patients) and conventional non-cross-linked polyethylene (CPE; 41,171 patients).
Hengtong High Voltage Submarine Cable Company, a sub-company of Hengtong Optic-Electric, has produced the world's longest length of 500kV AC XLPE submarine power cable without factory joints.
The project involves the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a 400 kV AC power link, including a section of 400 kV XLPE submarine cable.
This paper gives the long-term performance of XLPE films at a temperature of 70[degrees]C and two pressures: 1 and 300 bar.
Virgin XLPE and PVC materials 4 mm in average diameter were obtained from a petrochemical plant and used in charging property tests.
Based on established copolymer technology combined with Borealis Supercure polymer technology, the new XLPE grade achieves quicker crosslinking using less heat and without affecting insulation performance.
* LC8205 XLPE copolymer is the newest of Borealis' Supercure cable compounds.
The company also offers PE-based additive master batches to be used with the new silane blends in the XLPE process.
Its main application will be diesel fuel tanks, where its barrier performance is said to be superior to standard LLDPE and XLPE. Other potential uses are pipes and tanks for drinking water or agricultural chemicals.
The subject thermoset for this work was crosslinked polyethylene or XLPE. One abundant source of the scrap thermoset XLPE is wire and cable.
Based on these studies, including the optimizing of formulation and reaction conditions, the structure and properties of XLPE material, thermal and photo-oxidative stability, and the mechanism of photoinitiated crosslinking, essentially we have overcome the two main problems mentioned above.