XLPSXenon Lamp Power Supply
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Soils of XLPs typically are shallow ([less than or equal to] 1.0 m,
distribution of XLPs. Many of the soil series upon which sites occur are
In Kentucky, many of the soil mapping units associated with XLPs
Climates in which XLPs occur in eastern United States are
of precipitation throughout the range of XLPs is considerably less than
in the range of XLPs, varying from about 100 cm in midwestern United
clandestinus) are typically dominant in XLPs. Schizachyrium scoparium is
the characteristic dominant species in XLPs in eastern United States,
XLPs. The other community types presumably represent seral stages from a
However, collection of vegetation data in XLPs in the glaciated portion
Schizachyrium scoparium also is the dominant taxon in XLPs in the
categorized as XLPs. In the footslope of Littleville Barren, mean total