XLRX-Series Luxury Roadster
XLRExtra Long Run
XLRX-Linked Recessive (genetics)
XLRX-linked lymphocyte regulated
XLRAccelar (Nortel/Bay network switch)
XLRGround Left Right (digital audio)
XLRExtra-Large Robot (cartoon)
XLRExtra Long Run (audio connector)
XLRExtra Low Resistance
XLRExtreme Luxury Roadster (Cadillac)
XLRExternal Line Return (Audio Connection and Cable Type)
XLRCannon X Series, Latch, Rubber (Audio cable connector)
XLRX Latching Resilient Rubber Compound (connector type)
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The XLR will be able to link cities like Rome and New York, London and Delhi, and Tokyo and Sydney.
The Qantas Group has secured up to 36 Airbus A321 XLR (extra long range) aircraft for delivery from financial year 2024 onwards, in an update of its existing order.
Cebu Pacific said XLR's "new and unique capability" provides the company with the opportunity to develop new markets from key cities other than Manila.
"Overall, this newest model won orders for 48 aircraft, commitments for a further 79 aircraft and 99 conversions from A321 to XLR. These came from a wide range of launch customers from around the world.
Scheduled to start delivering in 2024, the A321 XLR is designed to have a range of up to 4,000 nautical miles and can potentially fly 220 passengers for up to 11 hours.
And Airbus has assured that the XLR will provide travelers the same quality of comfort as the wide-body equivalents.
The input level for each XLR input can be controlled on the console as well as in the menu settings (Figure 4).
XLR, which is part of Rigby Group, says it is now expecting significant growth as it prepares to engage with a range of new markets from the transport hub.
The camcorder comfortably assists professional camera work with three manual rings, XLR mic/line inputs, and a 20x zoom lens.
The Panasonic HC-PV100 is equipped with three manual rings and 2-Channel XLR Audio Input Terminals.
The model will ride on a new platform shared in the General Motors range, until Cadillac CEO Johan de Nysschen decides to bring back the XLR.
Bergara's Premier Tactical rifle is built on a custom XLR Element chassis stock with an adjustable buttstock and a Bergara 416 stainless steel barrel.