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same Alexander, and that Rusticiani as seen in Letter XLW, is an error
Blackmer XLW Series of sliding vane pumps have been designed to handle liquids with suspended particles up to 250 microns and 25% concentration, such as paint, adhesives and inks.
The Extreme Screen Theater is one of Colorado's largest screens powered by our RealD XLW technology, which has been specifically designed for large format venues," said Kevin Faul, Vice President of Business Development at RealD.
NYSE: RLD), a leading global licensor of 3D technologies for cinema, consumer electronics and professional applications, announced today that it has developed and begun deploying to motion picture exhibition venues the XLW Cinema System.
The XLW Cinema System utilizes light efficiency technology introduced with the XL Cinema System, which captures light lost by other 3D projection technologies and recycles it back onto the screen for a brighter and more immersive 3D experience.
800/724-6438 FAX 201/391-3565 1 Std & Custom 2 Std & Custom 3 Custom 4 Custom 5 Std & Custom 7 Std & Custom 8 Steel & Carbide 10 M2 HSS, XLW 11 Std.
offers four grades of 60[degrees] corrugated back knife stock: M2, M3, XLW and Schmidt Super Steel.