XLZTruro, Nova Scotia, Canada (Airport Code)
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Cotton cultivar "Xinluzao 45" (XLZ 45) was grown on Field 9, Company 2, 105th Corp of the 6th Division.
Year Location Cultivar Sowing Treatment date Calibration 2010 Shihezi XLZ43 20 April 5 N prates x 3 2011 University XLZ48 18 April replications Validation 2012 105th Corps XLZ 45 23 April 375 kg N 149th Corps BZ [A.sub.1] [hm.sup.-2] 150th Corps SZ 2 Year Irrigation Sample collection Calibration 2010 5400 [m.sup.3] [hm.sup.-2] 9 plants per 2011 treatment/every twelve days Validation 2012 15 plants 5400 [m.sup.3] [hm.sup.-2] per site/every ten days TABLE 3: Exponential equations showing the relationships between canopy cover and the three crop properties of two cotton cultivars in experiment 1.
(10) The gods quarrel, i.e., ([there exists]x)( [there exists]y)( [there exists]z)(x [not equal to] y Gx [conjunction] Gy [conjunction] xLz [conjunction] [logical not] yLz)