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XLinkXML Linking Language
XLinkExtended Lokales Informatik Netz Karlsruhe (German: Extended Local Computer Science Network Karlsruhe; University of Karlsruhe; Germany)
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This model is based on a vocabulary definition, specified through XML Schema, and relationships based on XLink.
Besides, none of these papers have considered the use of XLink to define dimensional structures for XML.
The second one, which is the only paper from the evaluated ones that uses XLink for the definition of the multidimensional model, is a restricted solution to a specific domain.
With the development of xLink, SPI data is transmitted to FactoryLogix systems immediately so that engineers can identify PCB defects sooner and increase manufacturing efficiency, he adds.
XLink allows knowledge managers to link to a database that contains a relevant kind of information, and XPointer identifies and extracts the specific element or piece of data within the database to which they are linked.
Data collection sites for AOV are stored as ISO components (NOAA, 2015) and associated with a given project metadata record via XLinks (http://en.