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XMAXExcursion Maximum (speakers)
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Where: Xu = subordinate function, Xi = Measurement of character of a given treatment, Xmin = the minimum value of the character among all treatments, Xmax = the maximum value of the character among all treatments.
Calculate a layer corresponding factors for a layer of a factor in the relative importance of priority weights and judgment matrix U corresponding to the largest eigenvalue lambda Xmax eigenvector W.
The xMax system delivers on-demand, always-available voice, video and data services to both fixed and mobile users, and is interoperable with existing cellular, public safety and other dedicated networks.
In which Xmax and Xmin are the maximum and minimum values of variable Xi in the data sets.
xG Technology Inc (Nasdaq: XGTI), a developer of patented wireless communications and spectrum sharing technologies, announced on Tuesday a USD1.0m purchase agreement with Townes Tele-Communications Inc covering the delivery of xMax broadband cognitive radio networking products.
Where is the normalized value of x xminand xmax are the minimum and maximum values of x respectively.
Descriptive statistics for structural chromosomes aberrations Culture N [bar.X] [+ or -] SD Median Xmin Xmax C1 7 6.14 [+ or -] 2.67 5 4 12 C2 7 5.29 [+ or -] 4.68 4 0 13 C3 7 4.29 [+ or -] 1.98 4 1 7 TABLE 2.