XMDXml Document
XMDCross Modulation Distortion
XMDTen Gigabit Miniature Device
XMDXilinx Microprocessor Debugger
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CAD/CAM systems include Cimatron, Toolchest, Cadkey, XMD, and Power Mill.
Calendering or extruding compounds reinforced with engineered elastomer leads to modular anisotropy--a difference in modulus between the machine direction (MD) and cross machine direction (XMD).
Of course, they require that the audio or the video be available in RA, XMD, or DCR format, respectively.
Cornerstone Technology's Expert Mold Designer (XMD) software, which is a separate add-on for KeyCreator part-design software from Kubotek, has a brand-new Mold Feasibility module that evaluates a part's moldability by examining drafts, undercuts, wall thicknesses, etc.
MD modulus is about 5x that of XMD modulus in 2 mm test pieces of this NR/SBR fire tread compound.
Once parting lines have been modeled in Cadkey, which serves as XMD's CAD package (other systems can also be used), XMD generates a complete 3-D mold assembly and draws it in four or more 2-D views.