XMDXilinx Microprocessor Debugger
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In addition, Xangati simultaneously announced that all of the new XMD functionality is immediately available at absolutely no cost through integration into its VI Dashboard and VDI Dashboard trial software and the Xangati for vSphere--Free single host tool.
Supporting our software developers is critical to our business productivity, and the XMD gives us all the right tools so we can.
The Silver Award is the second win for the XMD since its last release in August 2010.
This award is immensely gratifying for its recognition not only of our enormous efforts but also our amazing success in achieving that goal through the second release of the XMD last year.
With its comprehensive IPM framework and unprecedented insights, the XMD gives organizations the confidence to migrate their mission-critical applications - what VMware refers to as Stage 2 of virtualization.
With the XMD, IT was immediately able to identify a user of a document scanning system as the top generator of VDI workload and determined that the rate limits had not been properly configured.
The module is based on the first 10G EPON XMD BOSA structure in the industry and can support 10G commercial application requirements with high reliability and performance achieved by Source Photonics' vertical integration from optoelectronic chips to final transceiver modules.
Once parting lines have been modeled in Cadkey, which serves as XMD's CAD package (other systems can also be used), XMD generates a complete 3-D mold assembly and draws it in four or more 2-D views.
25 Gbps and 10 Gbps directly modulated TOSAs meeting the XMD MSA package requirements, with DWDM wavelength stability, at low cost and with low power dissipation.
For example, Apogee Photonics' new 10T3005 1310nm TOSA offers a receptacle and flex guide that is compatible with the Apogee TLA10X 1550nm XMD TOSA.
Apogee Photonics' new offerings incorporate an XMD compliant 1310nm and 1550nm microcooled transmitter family suitable for SONET SR1/IR1/IR2, and 10GbE LR/ER interfaces across the -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C industrial temperature range.
From a customer savvy perspective, we examine the latest developments, including the new XMD MSA, the prospects for a 40 G MSA and recent standards making at the IEEE.