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XMDPXHTML Meta Data Profiles
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The [Alpha] policy evaluation problem for compressed (succinct) XMDPs is the set of all pairs (M, [Pi]) consisting of a compressed (succinctly) encoded XMDP M = (S, [S.sub.0], A, O, o, t, r) and an [Alpha] policy [Pi], such that perf(M, [s.sub.0], |M|, [Pi]) [is greater than] 0.
The [Alpha] policy existence problem for XMDPs is the set of all XMDPs M = (S, [s.sub.0], A, O, o, t, r), for which there exists an [Alpha] policy [Pi] with positive performance, that is, perf(M, [s.sub.0], |M|, [Pi]) [is greater than] 0.