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XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMLExchange Markup Language
XMLX-Men Legends (video games)
XMLXperimental Markup Language (Chemical Markup Language)
XMLXeno Medical Ltd. (UK)
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span xml:lang="ENThey have also brought in Tanzanian goalkeeper Kisu Mapigano, who could be instrumental in their quest to match up to their wonderful continental exploits, which saw them reach the group stages of the Caf Confederation Cup.
The latest piece of the jargon puzzle is XML and the question (which is actually more of a complaint) is, "What is this thing called XML and why do I need to know about it?" Because I pride myself on being a good librarian first and a techie second, I don't just give an explanation without proper documentation of the source.
Pondering on how to cope with these problems, we have to firstly focus on statistics which have not utilized in conventional approaches yet to improve retrieval accuracy of XML search engines.
In fact, as XML has become central to many customers' B2B strategies, they have come under pressure to address the situation before their web services rhetoric is undermined by an inability to fully support XML natively within their databases.
With X-Hive's existing support of W3C standards such as XLink, XPointer, XPath, and a recent release of its XQuery implementation demo, the launch of X-Hive/DB 2.0 widens the gap in the XML database market.
federal government chief information officer council has now created an XML working group at www.xml.gov.
* Creating an XML file with an associated file name (through the filename input parameter) and loading the XML contents into memory, provided that the file exists physically on disk;
In addition, Quark XML Author 3.0 offers new style and formatting functionality that gives users more control over their content, including:
In the longer term, openly published and standardized XML formats reduce and maybe eliminate the risk of being able to use older documents due to format changes.
"The second edition, released in 2001, was really about the wealth of new APIs that had become available for working with XML from Java," recalls McLaughlin.
and its local jurisdictions, representing 400 companies, regulators, software developers, accounting firms, and others who have come together to "agree to agree" on the use of XML to optimize business reporting information interchange
Despite the widespread adoption of XML as the preferred method of displaying and exchanging data via Web-based applications, most developers fail to efficiently query their existing data and transport it directly as XML, instead spending additional time and costs in hand coding their applications to mix relational data and XML.