XMLAExtensible Markup Language for Analysis
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SimbaO2X is fully compliant with ODBO, XMLA and MDX query language data standards for wide interoperability with numerous products and solutions in the marketplace.
XMLA is an interface which enables access to OLAP databases via the web using Internet protocols such as HTTP, XML or SOAP.
The XMLA Advisory Council - made up of Microsoft, Hyperion and SAS - has taken on seven new members: Crystal Decisions, INEA, MIS AG, MJM Consultant Corp, Panorama Software Systems, SAP AG and Silvon Software Inc.
SimbaProvider SDK contains everything you need to build a commercial OLAP data provider, including an MDX engine with full MDX capability for databases, as well as both ODBO and XMLA interfaces.
New XMLA Interface - opens new possibilities for direct access
to data on analytical servers supporting the XMLA standard,
Continued King, "In a similar vein, connectivity to XMLA, which allows neutral connectivity to structured content, comes out of our participation on the XML Advisory Council to help drive adoption of XMLA as an emerging standard interface for OLAP and data-mining technologies.
As Web services become increasingly important in BI, open industry standards are vital, and support for the XMLA Standard will be a crucial part of Microsoft's BI Technologies," said Stan Sorensen, Director of SQL Server Product Management at Microsoft Corp.
XMLA is an open web services standard that allows communication between Business Intelligence and Business Performance Management applications over the Internet.
With events like Simba's InterOperate Workshop, and the growing support for XMLA among the BI and BPM communities, it is clear that XMLA is fast becoming a must have Standard.
We believe XMLA will deliver on the promise of a truly open and interoperable standard.
The success of the Interoperability Testing was especially important as this was the XMLA Council's final private event before the World's first public interoperability demonstration of XMLA (Version 1.