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If you're going to use XMLHttpRequest (XHR) credentials, you can set a global token in there, if you have token access.
Please note that if you visited any site or made use of another extension that sends plain-text credentials through POST requests, either by direct form submission or through a background XMLHttpRequest process (MEGA is not one of them) while the trojaned extension was active, consider that your credentials were compromised on these sites and/or applications."
In the example shown hereunder, herokuapp.com is a cloud application platform that facilitates users to develop and operate their applications on it; however, cybercriminals could make use of this website to upload their malicious JavaScript files (e.g., mal_b.js); open and send methods of the XMLHttpRequest object are then used to send a request (e.g., GET or POST) to the malicious file location.
AJAX is a technique in a certain way to play the role of organization including the use of XHTML and CSS standardization work together (HTML5 and CSS3), DOM to realize the dynamic interaction, XMLHttpRequest will use the Query package after the asynchronous send request and read the data, finally use the JavaScript binding and processing server the data returned.
Flash ActionScript, Java applet and JSP are able to utilize network socket; JavaScript, HTML5 and other HTML scripts utilize XMLHttpRequest or WebSocket to measure network performance.
PMHJPolicy: nonce-z0h3sdfaEDNnf03n nonce-dDNnf03-nceIOfn39 allelement htmlstrict string2js allobject string2html XMLHttpRequest report-http://www.exa.com/report.php This header field delivers the PMHJ policy of the web page to inform the web browser that when running the web page, all HTML elements defined in the set E must own a nonce attribute with the attribute value z0h3sdfaEDNnf03n or dDNnf03nceIOfn39, all JavaScript objects defined in the set U [union] J [union] H except XMLHttpRequest must be disabled, and any code violates the policy must report the detailed information to the server http://www.exa.com/report.php.
Developers were using various workarounds, techniques involving the use of the browser XmlHttpRequest object or some other web browser plugins.
It was originally introduced by Microsoft as an ActiveX object in Internet Explorer 4 and later adopted by other browsers as XMLHttpRequest. AJAX is used to communicate with servers in the background and dynamically update parts or all of a web page.
<p>IBM's software lets Web masters edit the flow of content created with AJAX, Javascript or XMLHttpRequest (XHR).
Following a JavaScript primer, chapters cover creating Ajax applications, handling multiple XMLHttpRequest objects, downloading JavaScript, using Ajax frameworks, validating user input, and working with XML, dynamic HTML (DHTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and PHP.