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XMMExtended Memory Manager
XMMHigh Throughput X-Ray Spectroscopy Mission
XMMX-Ray Multi-Mirror observatory (European Space Telescope)
XMMXRay Multimirror (telescope)
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The other impact to keep in mind is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus use Intel's older XMM 7480 LTE modem rather than the newer, better XMM 7560 that's in the iPhone XR.
Intel's new XMM 8160 5G modem provides the ideal solution to support large volumes for scaling across multiple device categories to coincide with broad 5G deployments.
The new XMM 8160 5G modem from Intel is a multi-mode radio chip optimized to provide 5G connectivity to a large variety of devices such as smartphones, PCs and even broadband access gateways.
commercial modems, and the company's latest LTE modem, the Intel XMM 7660.
Max mean curvature, max mean curvature Xmm, max mean curvature Ymm topographic indices between normal and VKC subjects were higher in VKC subjects but were statistically insignificant.
The announcements include the Intel Atom x3 processor series, Intel's first integrated communications SoC solution for the growing value and entry device markets, and the five-mode Intel XMM 7360 LTE Advanced solution, designed for performance and worldwide coverage.
The Lenovo P90 makes its debut appearance as the first smartphone powered by the newest 64-bit Intel Atom processor and Intel XMM 7260 LTE-Advanced modem for outstanding mobile performance and speeds, while the VIBE X2 gets a bigger, bolder look with the X2 Pro limited edition smartphone and VIBE Xtension Selfie Flash.
Intel also announced the commercial availability of its second generation LTE platform the Intel(R) XMM 7260 LTE- Advanced modem with Samsung Galaxy Alpha premium smartphone shipping with it.
XMM reaction wheel 1 faces unexpected increases in torque and current consumption during stable pointing.
Designed for today's mobile and digital lifestyles, they feature captivating audio, high resolution cameras, Intel[R] Atom processors and dual band speed WiFi with optional 4G1 supported by the Intel XMM 7160 modem.
In addition, the new Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 10.1-inch tablet will come equipped with Intel's XMM 6262 3G modem solution or Intel's XMM 7160 4G LTE solution.
The phone features a 3.5-inch touchscreen, FM radio capabilities, and an expandable memory slot, as well as modem support using Intel's XMM 6265 modem for global roaming.