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XMMSX MultiMedia System (audio player for X-Windows)
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Original Week 1 Week 2 Project Name Defect Count Defect Count Defect Count March 6, 2006 March 13, 2006 March 20, 2006 Amanda 108 0 0 XMMS 6 0 0 Samba 216 18 0 Ethereal 143 19 19 Icecast 12 2 2 SQLite 31 10 6 Gcc 140 99 97 Gaim 113 57 51 Net-SNMP 148 87 61
Spatializer StreamFX(TM) for Linux is a plug-in for the XMMS media player providing greater control over the PC audio experience.
XMMS is a cross platform MP3 and Multimedia player that has become the most popular audio application on Linux and now comes bundled with all popular Linux distributions, such as Corel Linux, SuSE, Mandrake, and Red Hat Linux.
The availability of StreamFX on the Linux platform, tied to XMMS, the de facto MP3 and Multimedia player for the Linux environment, provides a very compelling audio package for the growing Internet Appliance market.
StreamFX provides rich 3D audio, enhanced bass support and support for headphone/speaker audio adjustment, adding rich, immersive audio to the already powerful XMMS player.
With the introduction of iQ for Linux, XMMS users can now experience the same QSound MP3D enhancements available for WinAmp," said Dev Mazumdar, President of 4Front Technologies.
XMMS is a cross platform multimedia player that supports MP3, Wave, CD, MOD, MIDI, and other digital audio and video formats.