XMNXiamen, China - Xiamen International (Airport Code)
XMNXtreme Military Nation (gaming clan)
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Table-5: Effect of XMN on transfusion frequency (n=208).
In the AT present group, XMN was not causing a significant effect on transfusion frequency (p=0.86).
Molecular characterisation and frequency of GI3 Xmn I polymorphism in Chinese and Malay [beta]-thalassaemia patients in Malaysia.
The garnet core isopleths (XMn, XFe, XCa) uniquely interest in the Grt-Bt-Pl-Chl field at 4.0-4.2 kbar/495-500oC.
The relationship of three (XMn, XFe, XCa) intersection isopleths with these fields is in excellent agreement, where staurolite and zoisite inclusions are present in the garnet.
where the input fields XMN, STD, and IS are used to insert the mean value of the lognormal distribution, the standard deviation of the distribution, and the random number stream No.
which defines the activity duration and the random sampling from a normal distribution with the input fields XMN, STD, and IS used to insert the mean (97.33), the standard deviation (3.546), and the random number generation from the random number stream (No.5), respectively.
The following polymorphic sites of the hemoglobin ("beta globin-like") gene cluster on chromosome 11 were analyzed: site 1: 5'[epsilon] (Hinc II); site 2: 5' [sup.G][gamma] (Xmn I); site 3: [sup.G][gamma] (Hind III) site 4: A[gamma] (Hind III); site 5: [psi][beta](Hinc II); site 6: 3' [psi][beta] (Hinc II); site 7: 5' [beta] (Hinf I); site 8: [beta] (Ava II); site 9: 3' [beta] (Hpa I) and site 10: 3' [beta] (BamH I).
Isolated DNA was cut to completion with the following restriction endonucleases: BamH I, Bcl I, Bgl II, BstE II, EcoR V, Psi I, Pvu II, Stu I, and Xmn I.