XMODCross Modulation
XMODExtreme Modifications (gaming)
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In fact, with an even higher platform, together with an advanced traction system called Grip Xtend and mud and snow tyres, the Scenic XMOD does boast some impressive grip as well as flaunting convincing off-road stylistics.
Basically the XMOD is aimed at combining the outdoor cues of a crossover with the refined world of an MPV.
SpecCheck MODEL: Renault Scenic XMOD Dynamique TomTom 1.
The new XMOD versions come with a high level of equipment, starting with the entry-level Expression+ which has 16-inch Tundra alloys or Frontier design wheels plus Grip Xtend, snow tyres and Hill Start Assist.
Scenic XMOD is the first vehicle in the French manufacturer's range to feature the new Grip Xtend traction control system which enables the vehicle to grip more confidently under difficult conditions.
XMOD GB306SAF is a high stiffness 35% glass fibre reinforced PP compound that offers long-term high heat and chemical resistance, vibration resistance combined with high fatigue and a broad operating temperature between-40[degrees]C and 120[degrees]C.
The Scenic XMOD features an innovative 'Grip Xtend' system.
Limited is available on the recently-refreshed Megane range of Hatch, Sport Tourer and Coupe models plus the Scenic range, apart from the XMOD.
Upgrading your Renault Scenic to XMOD level costs PS945 over the standard car and gives it more prowess in the worst conditions, while never pretending it's anything like a "proper" off-roader.
The model is produced at Renault's Douai plant in France, alongside the Scenic, Grand Scenic and Scenic XMOD.
RENAULT'S facelifted Scenic line-up, which includes a new XMOD crossover model with rugged off-road styling, is to cost from PS17,955.