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XMSExtended Memory Specification
XMSExtreme Memory Speed
XMSX Multimedia System
XMSExperience Management System (software)
XMSXML Message Server
XMSX Marks the Spot
XMSX Media Services
XMSeXtended Multiprocessor Operating System
XMSXpense Management System
XMSExtended Management System
XMSTransmission Segment
XMSXML Messaging Services
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It's exciting to see businesses like Hafren Scientific and XMS thriving on an international scale and being able to compete with, and supply to, large global corporates.
To learn more or to download an evaluation copy of XMS 3.5, visit the PowerMedia XMS' product information page.
(15) For each of these samples, we used target T cells to assess donor-specific HLA class I antibodies using CDC T-cell XMs, CDC-AHG T-cell XMs, and FL T-cell XMs.
The data on frequency speed collected for further analysis by a portable device VIBROTEST 60 were sent to the computer by Xms software.
I may not have a beard and beret, but over the years I've owned everything from DSs, CXs and XMs to a couple of Dyanes and (you're the first I've told) no less than 26 2CVs.
EDAX, an expert in x-ray spectrometers for use with electron microscopes, released its Genesis XMS spectrometer in December 2002.
David Leeper, product manager for NeoCore XMS, a product that builds self-constructing native XML databases says, "Before XMS, you had the idea of building virtual systems where you would bring everything into a relational structure, but you needed to define everything up front." Having to define data before you access it, says Leeper, can limit your ability to retrieve data, especially when your needs change.
The company's XML Information Management System (XMS) Is used to illustrate a chapter on XPath-based XML database management systems.
Vividence's XMS 2.0 consists of three components, hosted software, Research Panels and a Knowledge Library, that clients use to create large-scale customer experience evaluations on any live Web sire and generate dynamic reports combining comprehensive customer experience insights with analytic tools.
The XMS modular system presents a new approach to oxygen monitoring systems for inerting applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries.
In France, bigwigs still travel from farmers' protest to student demo in shiny, presidential XMs - even though the last ones were built in the autumn of last year.