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XMission invested in equipment upgrades in its data center to increase the efficiency of power and cooling systems.
The latest service provider to join the network was PAETEC; others include iWire Communications, Xmission and Integra Telecom.
Three years later, Ashdown had turned his part-time hobby into XMission, Utah's first Internet service provider (ISP).
Throughout the early '90s, XMission not only provided a connection to the World Wide Web, but for Utah customers, was also synonymous with the Internet itself.
More often than not, [these users] were connected to XMission already, so they made that recommendation to other people," Ashdown says.
Word of mouth marketing, combined with a national media blitz around this new technology, helped XMission grow from 500 to 5,000 members in 1995 alone.
1-800 CONTACTS, XMission, Bank of Utah and Big-D Construction are just a handful of Utah-based companies that continually seek out ways to spread cheer to others throughout the year.
ASHDOWN: It is looking like UTOPIA is going to be the final landscape for XMission because Qwest is ending our partnership and other third party ISPs, so we can't provide service over the new DSL product.
XMission has used the municipal fiber system the way it is supposed to be provided.
ASHDOWN: XMission has sold a lot of QMO to business customers, as well.
They will use XMission services across UTOPIA to deliver fiber across Western Fibernet and rural areas down there, where we have people that can be working from their homes and making a great living with great jobs for companies that are here.
Computer software companies like Micron Technology and Novell, Website hosting centers such as XMission and aerospace businesses like Aero Technics, Procerus Technologies and Intermountain Turbine Services have turned the county into a technological oasis.