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XNANorthwest Arkansas Regional Airport (airport code)
XNAXna'S not Acronymed
XNACross Section Next Generation Architecture
XNAXinhua News Agency
XNAXbox/DirectX New generation Architecture
XNAXNA's Not Acronymed (Microsoft)
XNAXerox Network Architecture
XNACross-Section Next-Generation Architecture (Microsoft DirectX)
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The enzymes could "read" the order of molecular components in a strand of XNA and use that information to build a complementary strand of DNA.
(78) XNA, "China's Fourth Satellite Launch Center to be Built in Hainan," SpaceDaily.com, October 30, 2009.
This will involve the creation of an original XAP Application package in Silverlight or XNA Game Studio.
Written for any programmer familiar with C#, this guide introduces the XNA game studio framework for developing games that will run on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Zune portable music player.
The three nearest airports to the resort are Branson (BKG), Springfield (SGF), and Northwest Arkansas (XNA).
Total mined nickel production decreased marginally compared to the first half of 2009, as the ramp up of the new Nickel Rim South mine in Sudbury substantially offset reduced production following the restructuring of the Sudbury assets, the closure of Montcalm and marginally lower production from Raglan and XNA in the first half of 2009.
Team Birthday Cake, one of six from the university to take part, emerged victorious in the marathon Microsoft XNA Game Camp challenge in Huddersfield.
Windows Phone 7 Series leverages Silverlight and the XNA gaming platform for application development.
The game had earlier beaten 350 entries from around the world to win the top prize of US$40,000 at the 2008 Microsoft XNA Dream-Build-Play competition.
Birmingham City University is set to host X48 in February, a two-day intensive development session dedicated to gaming using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 3.1 The event will allow video game design and development students from all over the UK to have their worked reviewed by computer giant Microsoft.
The creation of the Xbox Next-Generation Architecture (XNA) is another expression of Microsoft's core competencies.
"It may be something that people can download for free and then you use that as a stepping stone to attract [financial backers]," he adds, noting Microsoft's free XNA Game Studio 3.0 tool kit, due out later this year, will let the online community develop homegrown video games.